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New-model equipment

A. Steel structure: The structural elements are all designed in components; high-strength C-shape steel and angle steel are punched and prefabricated at factory; the components are all hot-dip galvanized to be corrosion resistant; they are fast to assemble on site and excellent in weather-proof property.

B.(1) The motor is energy saving and with mechanical internally-controlled positioning; accuracy of positioning is not affected by the weather;manual operation allowed during power outage; highly weather resistant.

(2) Reciprocal chains: highly stable steel wires; combination of transmission.

C. Rain shelter:Its mobile frames are made of light-weight yet high-strength aluminum pipes; its canvas uses the material that has high toughness, is UV-resistant and fireproof (flame retardant) and keeps rain off.

Outer dimension


  1. Turn-key technique of three-tier automatic canopy
  2. Fast updating of media preparation and growing techniques (each harvest saves 3 weeks of time; at least two harvests a year enabled)
    1. Updating media bags:old branches are removed after production and sterilized (completed within one week, saving three weeks compared with traditional exercise); harvest is made three weeks earlier than traditional exercise after planting.
  3. A special management of growing is developed, including irrigation, temporary planting of seedlings and trim & determinate in a timely manner.
  4. Provides complete SOP (covering 60%, the remaining 40% to be adapted by region)
  5. Others: including the techniques of reuse of old media after planting, application of micro-media, application of off-ground growing with media, growing devices & know-how, instant adjustments & control (supply of liquid nutrients and water)


  1. Production is possible all year round
  2. Conserves energy (power consumption by the facilities)
    Power consumption at 200HW/hr/month
  3. Production resume approved
  4. Complies with safe agriculture specifications

Automatic Canopy—A multi-function combo facility

Rain shelter Automatic Canopy

  • No temperature build-up

  • Good ventilation

  • Fast deployment & collapsing

Shade Automatic Canopy

  • Shade control

  • Cools the air

  • Fast deployment & collapsing

Keeps off birds and insects

  • No temperature build-up

  • Good ventilation

Rain shelter Automatic Canopy
Shade Automatic Canopy