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1. Business objectives.

  • Economic community for the purpose of increasing benefits and improving product quality.

2. All members use automatic canopy equipment to do off-ground cultivation method.

  • Effective prevent pests
  • Keeps rain off
  • Prevents build-up of heat and humidity
  • Plants pass GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) inspection standards.

3. Facilities of Pilot farm / Temporary planting field/ Growing parameter system

  • Provide quality seeding and obtain cultivation management model to achieve maximum efficiency production and then transfer members for annual production.

Process of growing

Pilot farm / Breeding / Sowing
Study of growing parameters / water and media for growing passed the inspection regarding major heavy metals like lead/cadmium/mercury.
Management of growing facilities
The production equipment with automatic canopy has its canvas folded on clear days to facilitate tomato's photosynthesis, increasing the sweetness in them.
Management of in-field growing
Standard operations of growing, pest prevention, and fertilization management keep records of the productions and make consistent quality control.
Pre-harvest inspection
Pass the inspection by COA-controlled biochemical inspection stations.

TGAP Certificate & Inspection Equipment ( Rapid screen)

Packaging - sandwiches, salads